For some time it has been my concern that this web site will not exist forever.  Its stated purpose is to be a memorial to my Uncle Stephen and his fellow crew members.  When I am no longer able to maintain the web site, its domain will expire and so will its hosting service.  Accordingly I have taken much of this content, together with even more information, and have made it available as a book:

Stephen Fraser Smith was a member of 142 Squadron Royal Air
Force whose aircraft crashed in 1943. This book is a tribute to
him and his crew whose ultimate sacrifice has not been officially

He is not just another person who died in the Second World War
He is not simply a statistic. A sportsman, he also loved music,
dramatics and beautiful scenery. He was a son, a brother and a
young Yorkshireman who volunteered his service to his country.

The book charts his early life, his service training, overseas
posting, operations and his death. The account utilises many
contemporary documents, contacts with the families of crew
members, and research at The National Archives.

From medals hanging in a grandmother’s bedroom, to an
extraordinary letter from a teacher, to a commemoration on a
wooded Italian hillside, this book is an account of a nephew’s
determination to honour an uncle.

The book is available in two versions:

1.    As an ebook on Amazon Kindle. Simply go to your country's Amazon web site, select Kindle Store and search for me (as author) Stephen Pemberton.  Alternatively search for the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) which is B06XKCL2NG

2.    As a Hardback book.  This is published by Tredition and is available from their online bookshop at  It is also available from most Amazon web sites and again search for me (as author) Stephen Pemberton.  Alternatively search for the ISBN-10 of 3732390616 or
ISBN-13: 978-3732390618.  Note that the hardback version is subject to print-on-demand and will thus take some time to arrive.

Stephen Pemberton